Bob Bulla
Holly Lake Ranch Board Member
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Your input as a property owner is one of the most valuable assets the board can have in knowing the needs of this great community.  

As a recently elected board member, I encourage you to reach out with questions or concerns you have about Holly Lake Ranch.

Open communications between the Board and Holly Lake Ranch Property Owners was one of my primary campaign promises.  This web site should help you get answers to your questions in a timely manner.

Having the board and property owners working together would help achieve the goal of "WHAT EVER IS BEST FOR HOLLY LAKE RANCH" to be reached.

You may contact me directly on the “Guest Book” link on this web page or send an email for updates on the activity of the board. 

Your email address will not be passed on to anyone or any company.

Hopefully you will reach out to me with your comments, suggestions and questions.

Thank you for visiting the Bob Bulla Board Member web site.

Bob Bulla

HISTORY - In 1984, my wife and I purchased a lot in Section 9 with plans to retire to Holly Lake Ranch.  As retirement neared, in 2007, we bought a lot on the West side, Lot 132, Section 2, address 115 Timber Rock.

We built our home in 2008 and moved in July.  There are many reasons why we chose Holly Lake Ranch such as the beauty of Holly Lake, the golf course, and the lakes.   

Our plan was simply to enjoy retirement, enjoy our new home, play some golf, and do some traveling.   

PERSONAL BACKGROUND - I grew up in the Texas Panhandle, in a small town called Panhandle, Texas about 20 miles north of Amarillo, Texas.  In 1968, I began my career at Bell Helicopter, Amarillo, Texas.  In 1975, I met and married my wife Susan.  We have two children, one grandchild and one great grandchild.  After 40 years with Bell Helicopter, I decided it was time to retire.

CAREER EXPERTISE - My education was obtained from Tarrant County Junior College and Baptist University of Dallas. During my forty-year tenure at Bell Helicopter I worked in managing all phases of procurement.  When issues were at an impasse, my professional strength was being able to evaluate, interact with those involved and recommend a solution that was amicable for all parties.

MY REASONS FOR RUNNING FOR THE BOARD – With Silver Leaf turning over the running of Holly Lake Ranch to the property owners,  it allows us an opportunity to re-evaluate and determine what changes need to occur for the progress of Holly Lake Ranch and its property owners.   

Every year every board votes to raise the property owner fees.  No board since 2008 has even looked at ways to cut expenses from the Ranch Budget.  I have looked very closely at the Ranch Budget and found several areas where dramatic cuts in expenses can be made without sacrificing service or safety.  My plan has also found by cutting these unused and non necessary expenses money is available to pay off the debt on the security building, raise the funds for a covered pool, raise funds to help clean up Lake Greenbriar and reduce the amount of the property owner’s funds that go to maintain the golf course.  All of this can be accomplished without raising the fees to all property owners and without raising the golf player’s dues.

GOALS FOR THE RANCH  - My goal for Holly Lake is to put it back on a sound financial footing by going through the current budget line by line and eliminate spending that is not necessary.   I have a five year plan that will keep the Ranch well funded over the next 5 years all without having to raise monthly dues or increase golf fees.  No budget from the past Boards of Holly Lake have ever cut out wasteful spending.  Now is the time to stop the waste that has accumulated over the years and quit asking the property owners to continue to shell out more dollars every month when they are not needed.